Eggen sets a trap for Kenney and Kenney doesn’t take the bait

He’ll let parents respond to Eggen’s air-headed plans to protect their kids from them


Now that the opposition is united and in Jason Kenney has a leader who will soon, we trust, win a seat in the Legislature, Alberta politics is starting to become very interesting indeed. We’re swiftly coming down to two parties, one on the Left and one on the Right, but the challenges facing them are quite different.

The chief fear of the socialist NDP (New Democratic Party) government lies in swift recovery of the Right under Kenney. Three factors brought the NDP to power in 2015: a succession of weak leaders in the Conservative Party, a widening perception that the party had made the government a gravy train for its old guard, and a rebellion by its social conservative wing which saw itself as only barely tolerated.

The Conservatives now have the strongest leader since Peter Lougheed in 1971 took them from their long meanderings in the wilderness to form a government that would remain in office for 44 years. If Kenney leads it back into power, he will have made history. Never has a political party regained power in Alberta. In the province’s 112-year history, the Liberals held office for 16, the United Farmers for 14, the Social Credit for 36, and the Conservatives for 44. Once defeated, none has ever returned to power. So the rule is: Once they’re out, they’re out for good, unless Kenney proves the rule wrong. His toughest task is to unite the Right and he has pretty accomplished that. He’s not problem free, but he’s on the way to winning.

But that’s only one of the NDP’s challenges. The other is money. Here, Premier Rachel Notley’s best friends pose her biggest problems– meaning, of course, the government unions. But the task is wider than just the unions. It seems more than half the province’s working force is directly or indirectly on the public payroll — including the whole education facility up to and including the universities, the entire medical establishment, much of the public transportation sector including street an highway maintenance and construction, almost the entire public welfare component. The list is endless. It seems nearly half the province feeds on the government breast. The NDP has so far solved its budget problem by digging th province farther than ever into debt. Sooner or later, however, a process of weaning will have to be initiated, and the dark fact will become known that government workers are among the highest wage earners in the province. None of this bodes well for the NDP.

All of which raises, of course, the unemployment problem. The exodus has already started from Calgary. Since it’s not a government town the building trade is virtually stopped. Government or no government, it will soon manifest itself in Edmonton as well. So what will the NDP do?

Last week we got the answer. They have decided to make a great deal of noise on what might be called the sexual front. They will introduce legislation to command the Catholic schools and the recalcitrant Protestant ones to stop teaching Christianity where it conflicts with the new laws they are inventing. They will make it clear that school children will have a “safen caring place” (the minister used the term at least a dozen times in interviews last week) well protected from the grim dangers and heedless indifference of their home and parents.

The NDP’s hope is to lure Kenney’s attention away the lamentable mess they’re making of the provincial economy and focus instead on the safen-caring-sex-for-little-girls-and-boys which so absorbs the attention of the minister of education. Kenney needs say nothing further about the sex clubs. His position is clear: If the teacher or school staff thinks the parents should be told when their son or daughter gets involved, then they should be at liberty to tell the parents. The new law would prohibit this.

That’s all Kenney needs to say and he’s said it. He doesn’t really need to fight this battle any further. There will be ten or twenty thousand parents fighting it for him. Let the minister answer to them.

However, there is one further point at issue here. What the government has inadvertently set in motion is a test of the electoral strength of two groups — the gays who are behind the sex club movement and the parents who will be increasingly alarmed by them, and see their own parental rights and authority being usurped by a bunch of air-headed ideologues. The government obviously assumes the gays are stronger. They may be in for a very big surprise.

Ted Byfield was founder and publisher of Alberta Report news magazine, general editor of Alberta in the Twentieth Century. a 12-volume history of the province, and general editor of The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years, a 12-volume history of Christianity. His column on education appears in The, a web journal. He has recently authored two little books on modern pedagogy: Why History Matters and The Revolution Nobody Covered. You can order both copies here.


2 thoughts on “Eggen sets a trap for Kenney and Kenney doesn’t take the bait

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  1. Jason is playing it smart. Given enough rope, the “progressive” left will eventually hoist itself on its own petard. The new United Conservatives are wise not to get drawn into such controversial “non-issues” that have obviously sparked wide-spread push-back already from a large swath of reasonable, thoughtful Albertans.
    Regrettably, here in Ontario, pragmatic conservatism is gradually being subsumed by delusional “liberal-lite” proponents, who seem to offer no substantial improvement over the existing discredited McGuinty/Wynne legacy of incompetence & outright corruption. Hopefully, reason will ultimately prevail & the brief flirtation with socialism will be relegated to the dust-bin of Alberta’s history.


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